dagostino anacletoPosition: Senior Researcher of Near Eastern Archaeology
Department: Civilizations and Forms of Knowledge

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Research lines in Heritage Science

Settlement patterns and ceramic horizons of Anatolia and Mesopotamia (Bronze and Iron Ages); methodology of the archaeological survey and excavations; archaeology of small sites; archaeology of early centralised states and empires; stratigraphy, ceramic sequences and chronological issues; contribution of ceramic production in reconstructing aspects of ancient society and economy.

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Teaching in Heritage Science

Archaeology and Art History of the Ancient Near East


• Director of the archaeological project at Wanna wa Al-Sadoum (Iraq)
• Co-director of the Uşaklı Höyük Archaeological Project (Turkey)
• Principal investigator of the project 'The Assyrians in the Upper Khabur valley (NE Syria): The Late Bronze Age-Iron Age levels of Tell Barri/Kahat' granted by White Levy Program For Archaeological Publications
• Member of the Editorial Board of AsiAnA – Asia Anteriore Antica Journal and Scientific Board of the series Studia Asiana.

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